The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has reportedly uncovered an increasing number of counterfeit make-up manufacturing rings selling products that contain high concentrations of metals and carcinogenic ingredients normally banned from use in cosmetics. In particular, the agency notes that a large number of products falsely labeled Make-Up Art Cosmetics (MAC), a line manufactured by an Estée Lauder subsidiary, have turned up in San Francisco area flea markets and on Craig’s List and Facebook. Many of the counterfeit products are manufactured in China, which evidently supplies 80 percent of all fake cosmetics, and when worn, allegedly cause intense allergic reactions. As part of its pursuit of rings of MAC cosmetics counterfeiters in theBay area, DHS reportedly recovered fake versions of the beauty products as part of a $1-million haul of counterfeit goods in Newport Beach, California, in 2012. See, November 27, 2013.