MoJ updates on PBA claims: MoJ has noted the increase in activity around claims for mis-sold packaged bank accounts (PBAs) and has found poor practices over how claims management companies (CMCs) handle them. It notes that complaints about PBAs should not be approached in the same way as those about payment protection insurance and that no complainant should make a complaint without understanding the rules that applied at the relevant time. It says CMCs must conduct proper fact finds with customers before they can assess whether to make a complaint to the FOS. It notes guidance that FOS gave to CMCs in 2013, which it says should apply to PBA complaints, and warns CMCs that failure to follow this, or to present the complaint in the form FOS has developed, could leave CMCs in breach of the standards they should follow. It says it will take action if FOS alerts it to low rates of upholding complaints. (Source: MoJ Updates on PBA Claims)