EIOPA publishes complaints-handling guidelines: EIOPA has published guidelines on complaints- handling by insurance intermediaries. The guidelines include standards on policies, recording of complaints and follow-up, making sure the right institution deals with the complaint and provision of information to complainants. (Source: EIOPA Publishes Complaints-Handling Guidelines)

EIOPA publishes results on crisis management survey: EIOPA has published the results of its survey into national authorities' existing measures for preventing and managing crises in the insurance sector, and for resolving insurers where necessary. (Source: Survey on Crisis Prevention, Management and Resolution Preparedness of National Supervisors)

EIOPA publishes opinion on life insurance beneficiaries: EIOPA has published an opinion outlining the different arrangements, such as registers, that Member States have or should put in place to ensure life policies are paid out to their beneficiaries when due. (Source: Opinion on Life Insurance Beneficiaries)

EIOPA publishes report on consumer trends: EIOPA has published a report on high-level consumer trends in relation to insurance products. Its survey found consumers focus more on the price than the product and noted trends in misleading information and poor advice. Many Member States noted the development of new marketing channels, including social networks. (Source: EIOPA Reports on Consumer Trends)