In the Loyens & Loeff Switzerland podcast series “Let’s talk legal”, we provide succinct insights into key Swiss legal issues and developments. In five episodes, we talk about the main aspects of the Swiss corporate law reform. After being in the making for almost 20 years, the corporate law reform touches a wide area of topics

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Our host, Gilles Pitschen, will guide you through the upcoming amendments of the Swiss corporate law reform. Whether you want to learn about electronic resolutions and virtual meetings, duties of the board of directors, corporate governance for listed entities, changes related to share capital or shareholders activism – this is the podcast for you!

In this episode, Gilles Pitschen and Nathalie Vainio will talk about the modernisation of the rules in relation to the shareholders’ meeting and resolutions. We will introduce the main amendments and elaborate on the pitfalls and challenges:

  • 01:26 Introduction
  • 03:09 Modernisation of the rules for shareholder meetings and resolutions
  • 04:46 Virtual shareholders’ meeting
  • 07:58 Minutes of virtual shareholders’ meeting
  • 08:47 Technical problems of virtual shareholders’ meeting
  • 13:05 Shareholders’ meeting in several venues
  • 14:36 Summary

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