Equality Act – Red Tape Challenge

It's been a few months now since the majority of the Equality Act 2010 came into force and there are still further aspects which have not been (and may never be) brought into effect. So what do people / businesses think of the law so far? Well, the Government wants to know and has included it within its "Red Tape Challenge".

The site explains that "it is not the Government’s intention to abolish the Equality Act, but it cannot be exempt from a comprehensive look to check that we are not imposing burdens that are out of proportion to the good they seek to do... This red tape challenge spotlight gives you the opportunity to look at all provisions in the Equality Act and tell us if they are too bureaucratic and burdensome for the benefit they bring, whether they could be simplified or better implemented, or if you think they should be kept exactly as they are."

So until the end of this month, individuals and organisations can make their views known through the special website. As to what changes will actually be forthcoming, I suspect that given how long the Equality Act took to draw up and its foundations in EU law, any revisals may not be significant in nature.

You will also see that there is to be a fortnight in September on "Employment Related Law" but how this fits into the various ongoing consultations is unclear.