Domain name registration is not only imperative to have presence on the Internet; domain name registration strengthens the corporate identity of the company. Usually, for that reason, domain names match the brand name or the main trademark of the corporation. That is why lately they have become increasingly valuable assets.

Due to the fact that domain names are granted on the principle of first come, first served, in order to prevent unauthorized registration of third parties, it is recommendable to register domain names that are of interest to the company, since this type of prevention remains as the most practical and economical alternative.

The Administration of the Top Level Domain .GT is the only entity responsible for registering domain names with the country code designated to Guatemala.

At this time, companies may register the second level domain .gt [i.e.] and the third level domain [i.e.]. The requirements for registering these domain names are:

  1. Check availability of the domain name
  2. Reserve the domain name
  3. Pay the corresponding fee

The following domain names can be registered with some special requirements:,,,, and