A new solar array project in Gahanna will be one of the five largest in central Ohio when it is completed later this year, reports The Columbus Dispatch. The “$1.8 million plan includes construction of a covered parking area with solar panels on top, located next to an existing office building,” and will have a 538-kilowatt capacity, according to the article. Mark Shanahan, an energy consultant based in Columbus, is pleased to see the Gahanna project going forward, but noted that others investors might “be more likely to invest elsewhere, considering that other states have greater financial incentives.” As renewable energy advocates predicted, since SB 310 passed, the value of solar renewable-energy certificates (SRECs) that utilities can buy to meet renewable energy requirements has gone down. Without the incentive of higher-priced SRECs, Tad Ritter, a real-estate consultant who helped plan the Gahanna solar array, promoted the project to the property owner based on the increase in property value and appeal to tenants. For more, read the full article