I thought that the following survey was worth sharing if you haven't had a chance to look at it already. The Institute of Leadership and Management have carried out a survey of over 2,000 employees to discover what really annoys them in the workplace.

The following have been revealed as the top office bug bears:-

  • In first place is colleagues who arrive late in the morning or for meetings with 65% of those polled citing this as their top irritation.
  • Next, at 63%, was leaving dirty bowls or plates on desks after lunch.
  • Six out of ten managers find colleagues who gossip about their co-workers frustrating.
  • 57% find all staff emails annoying and 56% said sending an email instead of talking to the person despite sitting opposite is irritating.
  • Discussing confidential matters openly at work was found by 54% of those surveyed to be annoying.
  • Leaving mobile phones on loud was cited by 42% of managers.
  • 39% mentioned that colleagues taking regular cigarette breaks is frustrating.
  • 34% stated that colleagues who come into work sick when they should have stayed at home is irritating.
  • 27% found bringing children into the office is annoying.

The survey also revealed that "management speak" is used in almost two thirds of offices and 23% consider this to be an irritation. "Thinking outside the box", "going forward" and "let's touch base" were highlighted as the top three most overused pieces of jargon.

Inappropriate clothing led to 27% of managers having to reprimand staff, with 92% of female managers finding revealing clothing to be the biggest problem and 81% of male mangers citing flip flops as their biggest issue.

Charles Elvin, Chief Executive of the Institute of Leadership & Management, said: “When office-based teams work in close proximity for long periods of time, we see that seemingly trivial issues can grow disproportionately, if left unchecked, and begin to cause upset and resentment."

The survey also revealed what managers like in the office and birthday cake is the top treat. Also simply saying thank you for a job well done or for doing a favour means the most to UK employees (65%), also colleagues who say "hello" and "goodbye" rank highly.

I am sure that we all recognise one or two of the issues outlined above! Perhaps though the most interesting part of this is the value placed on a "thank you" for a job well done.