The Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority (“FCCA”) has closed its investigation into suspected abuse of dominant position by Abloy Oy (“Abloy”) in the locking and security contracting market. The FCCA opened its investigation in 2006 because of suspicions that Abloy attempted to prevent the entry of competing products into the market, inter alia, by weakening the price and purchase terms of such Abloy authorized locking firms, which had taken new competing products in their product assortment or had noticeably marketed such products. The FCCA presented its preliminary view on the matter to Abloy in 2010, after which the FCCA and Abloy negotiated on commitments in order to remove the potential competition concerns identified by the FCCA. During the negotiations, Abloy amended its practice. Therefore, the FCCA concluded that imposing commitments or proceeding with the investigation was no longer necessary and closed the investigation. Source: The Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority 19/3/2013