New legislation to ensure workers keep all their tips

The government has announced plans to ensure that workers can keep the tips left for them by customers by introducing a new law at the earliest opportunity.

Although most employers act in good faith, in some sectors excessive deductions from tips left by customers have been made. The legislation will ensure that workers get the tips they have earned, and reassure customers that the money they leave is reaching its intended recipient.

Government promises new consultations to help parents and carers at work

Under new proposals, the government is proposing to consult businesses and the public on the creation of:

  • a new duty on employers to consider whether a role may be done flexibly, and to publicise this when advertising for staff; and
  • an obligation on employers of 250 or more employees to publish their parental leave and pay policies.

Minimum wage enforcement action to be targeted by sector: are you at risk?

The government has published a report on compliance with and enforcement of the national minimum wage (NMW) in 2017/18, and listing the sectors it intends to prioritise this year, including social care, retail, commercial warehousing and the gig economy. Last year's focus on employment agencies, apprentices and migrant workers will also continue.

Last year, HMRC identified £15.6m of underpayments and its enforcement actions benefitted over 200,000 workers. 678 employers were listed in the government's "naming and shaming" scheme.

The government agency responsible for national minimum wage enforcement's Assisted Self Correction Scheme resulted in £246,000 of underpayments being recognised for 689 workers.

Government announces consultation on ethnicity pay reporting and race at work charter

Last week the Government launched a consultation on ethnicity pay reporting inviting employers to share their views on a mandatory approach to ethnicity pay reporting. This is because the number of organisations voluntarily publishing information on the pay gap for people from different ethnic backgrounds remains low. The consultation is open until 11 January 2019. It sets out in detail what information employers should publish to allow for decisive action to be taken while also asking employers how ethnicity data can be collected without placing undue burdens on businesses.

Alongside the consultation, the Government has also announced a race at work charter which commits businesses to "Five calls to action" - a bold set of principles and actions designed to drive forward a step-change in the recruitment and progression of ethnic minority employees.