How long a freezing order should be continued for

One of the issues in this case was how long a freezing order should be continued (the judge having found, on the facts, that it was appropriate to continue the order).

The claimant had obtained a costs order against the defendant (having won at trial against him). He accepted that he should not seek to enforce that order pending the outcome of judicial review proceedings (which might result in the order being quashed or varied).

The claimant asked for the freezing order to be extended by a further 2 years. Edis J held that estimate was "rather rough and ready. It is intended to allow for the judicial review application to be fully contested and determined at a hearing. Permission may not be granted in which case two years is an overestimate of the time those proceedings will take. An appeal to the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court may be involved in which case it will be an underestimate." He held that 2 years was a "long time" for a freezing order to remain in place and instead ordered the continuation to be considered again at the end of January 2016 (ie in 5 months' time), by which time the results of certain charging order proceedings would be known.