The World Resources Institute (WRI) has released a report entitled “Guidelines for Carbon Dioxide Capture, Transport and Storage.” Among some of the highlights in the report, WRI believes that U.S. policymakers should provide some regulatory flexibility to plants that install CCS technologies until the technology is commercially proven.

With regard to the storage of carbon dioxide, the report believes that the operators of storage sites should be given flexibility when choosing monitoring techniques as long as they meet state requirements. Risk assessments are also called for to analyze the potential of CO2 leakage from storage sites over the life of a project. The sites that are deemed to have a smaller chance of leakage will be given priority for projects.

The WRI suggests that there be five to 10 at-scale CCS demonstration projects built in the United States.

Appendixes B, C, and D at the end of the document outline the guidelines for policymakers, regulators and project developers and operators.