On July 19, 2009, the Minority Media and Telecommunications Council (MMTC) filed a petition for rulemaking containing proposals to revise or delete existing broadcast technical regulations to "improve the general state of broadcasting and ease the path of entry for small businesses and entrepreneurs by allowing stations more flexibility in station location and operations."

While stressing the need to rescue the endangered radio industry given the current financial crisis, which MMTC says has a pronounced effect on the ability of small, women and minority broadcasters to provide broadcast service, the organization noted that it is not seeking a bailout for broadcasters. Instead, MMTC is asking the FCC to modernize outdated technical rules that may hinder competition and diversity in the broadcast industry.

First among MMTC's proposals is the establishment of an advisory committee representing a broad range of broadcast interests to determine the best use of post-digital television (DTV) channels 5 and 6. MMTC also proposes to eliminate the AM nighttime coverage rule with the intent of improving daytime broadcasts and reducing operating costs for AM stations. Other recommendations include modifying community coverage rules for commercial stations, revising the minimum efficiency standard for AM stations, removing non-viable FM allotments, relaxing the main studio rule and extending the time period for new station construction permits.