TRICARE providers get two more years.

The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs announced that it is extending the existing moratorium on enforcement of TRICARE network providers another two years - or until May 7, 2021. This comes on the heels of the agency's recently published regulatory agenda to review and possibly limit its jurisdiction over TRICARE network providers.

In announcing this extension, the OFCCP said,

Active-duty and retired service members, and their families, too often have difficulty accessing health care. There is evidence suggesting that continued uncertainty regarding the extent to which OFCCP requirements apply to TRICARE providers exacerbates these challenges. With the approaching expiration of the moratorium adding additional uncertainty, this extension will provide OFCCP time to receive feedback from stakeholders, relieve uncertainty, and give OFCCP an opportunity to evaluate and address legislation that may be enacted on this issue.

This is obviously welcome news for TRICARE network providers. No need to dust off those AAPs just yet (unless you're otherwise covered, of course).