The FLSA hurts women? Heather Owen, partner in our Jacksonville Office and proprietor of FOCUS, our women’s leadership blog, begins a three-part series on how the Fair Labor Standards Act, with its lack of flexibility, is unfair to women (non-exempt women, anyway), who continue to assume more responsibility for child care, elder care, and other domestic duties, in addition to their work outside the home. I’m not sure I agree with Heather, but the discussion promises to be interesting and thought-provoking.

The scoop on that H-1B Executive Order. President Trump signed an executive order this week with some fairly unspecific directives aimed at ensuring that H-1B visas go to highly skilled, highly compensated foreign workers. What does it really mean for employers? Penni Bradshaw, co-chair of our Immigration Practice Group, and Will Krasnow, partner in our Boston Office, tell you what you need to know.