The Center for Science and Democracy at the Union of Concerned Scientists has submitted a comment backed by more than 280 health experts asking the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to include a percent daily value for the proposed “added sugars” declaration on food and beverage labeling.

Responding to the agency’s request for comments on proposed changes to the nutrition and supplement facts labels, the letter signed by Robert Lustig, Marion Nestle and members of the Healthy Food Action network urges FDA to set a maximum daily value for added sugars at 50 grams—approximately 10 percent of recommended daily calorie intake—and to list a percent daily value on the Nutrition Facts label.

“Many food and beverage manufacturers add excessive amounts of sugar to their products, including those that they market as healthy options. In our current food environment, many people are unknowingly and unavoidably consuming excess sugar,” opines the letter. “Given our soaring rates of chronic diseases and the link between sugar and these diseases, citizens have a right to know how much sugar has been added to their foods.”

Noting that most percent daily values focus on minimum recommended intakes, the letter cites a similar approach used in the United Kingdom to indicate maximum sodium levels on nutrition labels. Additional details about the proposed changes appear in Issue 515 of this Update.