Leading defective product lawyer Jill Paterson has welcomed the introduction of a central register of electrical appliances, UK Recall, by the Retail Ombudsman.

Ms Paterson, who acts for many families who have experienced injury and loss in house fires, caused by faulty kitchen appliances, said, “registering an electrical appliance with the Retail Ombudsman could help to save lives”.

Domestic electrical appliances are one of the most common causes of house fires, the most recent figures released by the Government show that nearly 1000 house fires were caused by tumble dryers in 2013 – 2014, while dishwashers, fridges and freezers also caused hundreds of fires.

Registering an appliance with UK Recall means that consumers will be alerted as soon as the manufacturer of a potentially dangerous appliance issues a safety notice or recall.

A number of organisations have recently called for action to improve the recall system in the UK which currently leaves many consumers in ignorance if their appliances are recalled.

The Local Government association has called on manufacturers to recall faulty tumble dryers which are causing three fires a day in Great Britain.

Many manufacturers are running extensive repair programmes rather than recalling dangerous models leaving consumers frustrated at the lack of progress, or even unaware that their kitchen appliances could be potential fire hazards.

One of a number of recommendations by consumer campaigner Lynn Faulds Wood in her Independent Recall Review was the creation of an official national product safety agency and product safety website.

Consumers can register all their electrical appliances on UK Recall by following simple instructions on the website. Consumers will also be able to search a database of recalls.

Fire appliance lawyer Jill Paterson said:

“While the Government response to the Independent Recall Review published by Lynn Faulds Wood earlier this year has been somewhat lukewarm, it is encouraging that the Retail Ombudsman is looking to protect consumers by making it easy to register appliance purchases with UK Recall.

“Many of my clients who have suffered devastating house fires were unaware that their appliances had been recalled, or had safety notices issued about them.

“Any system that disseminates recall information directly to consumers can only be welcomed.”