A recent survey by the Breast Cancer Fund and the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics has reportedly revealed that many of the beauty products sold by cosmetics giant Revlon contain cancer-causing and hormone-disrupting chemicals. The two groups have teamed with the online women’s group Ultra- Violet to demand that the company stop using these and other substances in its products.

According to the survey, Revlon products from hair dyes and mascara to lip gloss and eyeliners contain toxic chemicals, including butylated compounds (BHA or BHT), an antioxidant and preservative that is banned in cosmetics in the European Union. Other chemicals found in the tested products include (i) Quaternium-15 and other formaldehyde-releasing chemicals—found in mascaras, pressed powders and eyeliner—purportedly linked to cancer; (ii) parabens—found in eyeliners and hair dyes—a putative endocrine disruptor linked to cancer; (iii) Octinoxate—found in foundation makeup—a putative endocrine disruptor linked to thyroid disorders; (iv) Resorcinol—found in hair dye—an alleged endocrine disruptor and allergen; (v) p-Phenylenediamine— found in hair dye—a purported respiratory toxicant; and (vi) Carbon black—found in eyeliners—allegedly linked to cancer.

The advocacy groups plan to launch a full campaign against Revlon and have demanded that the company (i) develop a comprehensive “safe cosmetics policy” to protect women from chemicals linked to cancer and other adverse health effects; (ii) support federal cosmetics safety legislation; and (iii) share the Revlon product safety policy publicly on the company’s Website. See Campaign for Safe Cosmetics News Release, October 24, 2013; Natural News.com, October 30, 2013.