The purpose of this Act is to promote volunteerism by reducing the frequency with which an organization can require a criminal record check for a volunteer and by reducing the cost to a volunteer of obtaining a criminal record check, while still ensuring public safety. The proposed Act would not apply in a municipality where a police force does not charge for the release of the criminal record check.

The proposed Act would preclude an organization from requiring a volunteer to provide a criminal record check as a condition of commencing or continuing work for the organization if (a) the volunteer provided a criminal record check that is less than one year old; and (b) the criminal record check is the latest one obtained by the volunteer. However, the organization can require the volunteer to provide it with notice of all proceedings which may result in a conviction, and may require a criminal record check if the organization has actual notice or reasonable grounds to believe that a conviction for an offence has been added to the volunteer’s criminal record since the date of the most recent criminal record check for the volunteer that the organization has received.