Walmart, the largest US corporate by revenue has committed to zero emissions by 2040. Apple, the largest US corporation by market cap has pledged to become 100% carbon neutral in respect of its supply chain and products by 2030. More and more, corporates are making Net Zero pledges, or at least striving to reduce their carbon footprints together with other green-centric policies.

Clients will require initial contract discussions and negotiations to include their requirements relating to green and climate change objectives, rather than, as is often the case now, these issues being raised late in the day or as a secondary issue.

By including climate conscious clauses in Heads of Terms and adding climate purpose provisions to the standard NDAs we can ensure that negotiating parties look to cascade their climate pledges both into their horizontal and vertical contracts. We can assist our clients in identifying and discussing their green objectives at the outset of every new commercial relationship and include any climate-focused goals in early documentation to help ensure that such targets are adequately delivered upon.