From Saturday 31 October, the following amendments to the EU's sanctions against Belarus will come into force:

  • In response to the release of all Belarusian political prisoners on 22 August and the improvement of relations between the EU and Belarus, the EU will suspend the asset freeze and travel ban against 170 individuals and the asset freeze against three entities in Belarus (Beltechexport, Beltech Holding and Spetspriborservice) until 29 February 2016, when this will be reviewed. These persons are listed in a new Annex II to Decision 2012/642/CFSP. Council Regulation (EC) No 765/2006 is also amended; and
  • In light of the judgment of the General Court of 6 October 2015 in Case T-276/12, Y. Chyzh and others v Council (2), the following four entities are de-listed entirely also from Saturday 31 October: LLC Triple Metal Trade; JV LLC Triple-Techno; MSSFC Logoysk; and Triple-Agro ACC.

Four members of President Lukashenko's security services remain subject to the asset freeze and travel ban, until 29 February 2016, due to their involvement in unresolved disappearances in Belarus.

The arms embargo remains in force.