Environment Canada and Health Canada have issued joint proposed regulations that would designate four chemical substances as toxic under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEP A) based on studies finding that they pose threats to the environment and public health. The proposed chemicals are (i) a form of hexanedioic acid known as DEH A, (ii) a form of propanone known as PREPO D, (iii) a form of benzenediamine known as BENP AT, and (iv) Solvent Red 23. The proposed regulations would limit releases of the substances and the general public’s exposure to them, as well as require notification and further assessment of any new manufacture, import or use of a designated substance.

DEH A is used as a plasticizer in the flexible vinyl industry and in some foodpackaging materials, cosmetics and personal care products. PREPO D is used as an antioxidant and plasticizer. BENP AT is used in the manufacture of rubber products such as tires. Solvent Red 23, an organic substance, is used primarily in cosmetics and personal care products and as a colorant in commercial pesticides. The proposed toxic designations are open for public comment through November 9, 2011.