Recently Lindsay Lohan sued rapper Pitbull over the use of her name in the song, titled "Give Me Everything." According to the complaint, the song includes an unwarranted, unauthorized, and unfavorable mention of Lindsay Lohan's name and personality, and allusions to her physical and mental character. Additionally, Lohan alleges that the unauthorized use of her name and characterization in the song causes her to be associated and identified with Pitbull, and constitutes violation of her right of privacy, a violation of the Civil Rights Law of New York, and unjust enrichment. Lohan is seeking monetary damages and an injunction directing Pitbull and the record label to recall all copies sold and turn over all materials containing the references to Lohan.

TIP: Advertisers generally should avoid references to celebrities in advertising, which is likely entitled to less First Amendment protection than a song, without obtaining approval from the celebrity. This is the second lawsuit filed by Lindsay Lohan in the last two years regarding the allegedly unauthorized use of her name.