At present in GB Generators of renewable electricity with a capacity larger than 5MW remain eligible to earn ROCs within the existing Renewables Obligation mechanism. The UK Government (Department of Energy and Climate Change) has reviewed the GB feed in tariffs particularly in relation to generation above 5MW and the electricity market support arrangements in GB. It proposes a different form of feed in tariff along with contract for differences for larger scale generation above 5MW. This is to be introduced in 2014/15 in GB. The ROC scheme in GB is to close to new entrants in 2017. In Northern Ireland also a feed in tariff for large scale renewables will follow the GB model (i.e. a feed in tariff plus contract for differences and will replace new Northern Ireland ROCs in 2017).  

The UK Department of Energy and Climate Change is to introduce an Energy Bill which will extend to Northern Ireland for the purposes of the introduction of a Feed in Tariff with Contracts for Difference (FIT CfD) for large scale renewable electricity generation (greater than 5MW) in Northern Ireland.