ASIC revises proposed trading rules. The Australian Securities & Investments Commission has refined its proposed rules on dark liquidity and high-frequency trading. Rules are expected to be finalized within the next two months. (6/18/2013) ASIC press release.

MAS Insurance Act consultation. The Monetary Authority of Singapore published the comments it received in response to its consultation paper setting out proposed legislative amendments to the Insurance Act. (6/17/2013)

ASIC electronic prospectus guidance. The Australian Securities & Investments Commission released a consultation paper proposing updates to current guidance to help facilitate email and internet distribution of offers of securities. A draft regulatory guide has also been proposed. The consultation paper aims to ensure that ASIC’s guidance reflects current market practices and technological advancements. The proposed updated guidance includes an explanation of ASIC’s view on the way that the internet and other means of electronic distribution can be used in making offers of securities. Comments should be submitted on or before August 12, 2013. (6/17/2013) ASIC press release.

ASIC guidance on registered managed investment schemes. The Australian Securities & Investments Commission released revised regulatory guidance on the ASIC’s views concerning the content requirements of constitutions for registered managed investment schemes. (6/5/2013) ASIC press release.