Recently, the Department of Health and Human Services Office of the Inspector General (the OIG) released its work plan for 2015. The work plan provides stakeholders with a road map to  the OIG’s activities in the coming year as they relate to its enforcement priorities and issues it will review and evaluate during the year. This post is one in a series that will outline the OIG’s activities, in 2015, for a specific industry sector – Home Health.

Prospective Payment System Requirements

A prior OIG report found that one in four home health agencies (HHAs) had questionable billing. With this new initiative the OIG is going to review HHA compliance with various aspects of the home health PPS, including the documentation required to support claims.

Employment of Individuals with Criminal Convictions

OIG is going to review the extent to which HHAs employed individuals with criminal convictions and whether or not employees with potentially disqualifying convictions were employed by HHAs.