Review your website using this list to assess potential legal risks and liability.

  1. Domain name rights

Do you own your domain name? If not, do you have sufficient rights to it?

  1. Website design and hosting

Do you actually own what’s on your website? Do you have the right to control the look and content?

  1. Website and data security 

Do you use adequate security measures to deter hackers and to protect your data?

  1. How your page treats visitors 

Do you need terms of service? A privacy policy? 

  1. Website content 

Is there material on your website that could expose you to liability?

  1. Information collected from users

Do you collect information from or about visitors in accordance with your privacy policy? When was the last time that you checked? 

  1. Publication liability

Does your website permit users to post comments, photos or other content? Could that leave you with liability?

  1. Employment issues

Do you have the proper policy that governs use of technology, Internet access and social media in the workplace?

  1. Globalization 

Do you do business with customers in the EU? If so, you may need to consider how to comply with the EU Privacy Directive.