A Philadelphia­area union leader was convicted of racketeering following a federal jury trial. Philadelphia Ironworkers Local 41 leader Joseph Dougherty faced charges that he led a conspiracy to intimidate nonunion contractors in the Philadelphia area using tactics including arson, vandalism, threats of violence, and property destruction to force contractors to hire union members. Dougherty faces between 15 and 110 years in prison.

A family of current and former leaders of Southern California’s United Industrial and Service Works of America Local 101 were indicted for embezzling $900,000 in union funds. John Romero and his wife, Evelyn Romero, served as presidents of the union, and their children John and Danae served in other official capacities. The 40­ count indictment includes charges of conspiracy, knowingly falsifying information, and willfully misusing union funds.

The U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York agreed to end a consent decree that the Teamsters had operated under since 1989. The agreement will phase out the union’s Independent Review Board, a panel charged with rooting out corruption in the union, but an independent election supervisor will continue to oversee internal Teamster elections. The government will also retain the ability to apply to a court to seek equitable relief if it believes that corruption resurfaces or that the Teamsters’ election or disciplinary systems become ineffective. Teamsters President James P. Hoffa said the agreement marked a historic day for the union.