The European Commission has cleared under the EU Merger Regulation the proposed merger between Posten of Sweden and Post Danmark, both incumbent postal operators. While the Swedish postal market has been fully liberalised since 1993, the Danish market has not yet been liberalised. The Commission has therefore carefully considered the potential effects of the merger on the upcoming liberalisation of the Danish postal market, which will take place before 2011. The Commission's investigations showed that liberalisation of the Danish mail market is not at risk, as the proposed merger is unlikely to increase barriers to entry or expansion, or impede competition in the Danish mail market. The activities of Posten and Post Danmark overlap horizontally in the provision of parcel delivery services in Denmark, affecting a number of parcel markets. In addition, a conglomerate relationship exists in Denmark between the provision of printing and enveloping services by Strålfors, a subsidiary of Posten, and mail distribution services by Post Danmark. The Commission's market investigation showed that the proposed transaction, as initially notified, raised horizontal competition concerns with respect to the domestic standard business to business (B2B) parcel delivery services market in Denmark. To remedy these concerns, the parties committed to divest assets and customer contracts covering their overlap in the domestic standard B2B parcel delivery services market in Denmark. After market testing the proposed commitments, the Commission concluded that they were viable measures, suitable to address the competition concerns identified in its investigation.