On 9 November 2017, Singapore Customs issued Circular 15/2017 announcing that Singapore, together with Indonesia, Malaysia and Viet Nam, will transit into the live operation of the ASEAN Single Window (ASW) for the electronic exchange of Form D under the ATIGA on 1 Jan 2018. The ASW is an environment that connects and integrates the National Single Windows (NSWs) of ASEAN Member States (AMSs), thereby allowing the electronic exchange of data between the AMSs. Under the live operation of the ASW for the exchange of Form D (the preferential Certificate of Origin (CO)) under the ATIGA, a Form D electronically transmitted (hereinafter referred to as “e-ATIGA Form D”) from Singapore to any of the other 3 mentioned AMSs, for an import will continue to enjoy preferential tariff treatment. In order to enable the transmission of an e-ATIGA Form D, the exporter and, if it does not have access to TradeNet®, its declaring agent, must be pre-registered with Singapore Customs.

For details and procedures, please see the Singapore Customs Circular.