I was interested to read the commentary in the Consultation document on the proposal to introduce an additional CIL relief for self-build schemes. The addition of CIL as an expense to private individuals financing self-build schemes is considered as undermining the viability of such schemes. The self-build market is still immature and the Government continues to express a commitment to encouraging further activity in this part of the housing market, so the proposals are to be welcomed to the extent that it is the case that taking any extra costs out of funding such building will make it more likely to be delivered.

The thorny issue of State Aid is recognised, as clearly waiving CIL for individuals acting on their own account or in small groups (which is most commonly how self-build schemes are currently brought about) gives an advantage that commercial house builders will not have. What may be contentious is whether this is giving an additional unwarranted advantage to those active in self-build who are regarded by some as wealthy individuals who could well afford the comparatively modest CIL payment - see the recently published Policy Exchange paper, A Right to Build for their characterisation of the typical self-builder as "high income, high equity individuals" and which calls for an exemption from S106 payments, but not CIL.