The Government of Canada announced on June 14, 2022, that as of Monday June 20, 2022 the government is suspending COVID-19 vaccination requirements for domestic and outbound international travel on planes and trains. Vaccination requirements for cruise ships continue to remain in effect. In addition, the Federal Government is temporarily suspending vaccination requirements for employees in the federally regulated transportation sectors and those in the federal public service.

In March, we blogged about the Government of Canada’s silence since their December 7, 2021 announcement stating that they intended to propose new regulations under the Canada Labour Code requiring all federally regulated workplaces to introduce a COVID-19 vaccine mandate. Tuesday’s announcement now makes clear that the Federal Government is no longer moving forward with these proposed regulations at this juncture.

The Federal Government has indicated that it will move to reintroduce COVID-19 vaccination requirements and other health measures in the fall, if needed.