Bike manufacturer Cannondale has issued a voluntary recall of certain Cannondale CAADX disc-brake cyclo-cross bikes which includes models from its 2013 to 2016 range. 

The voluntary recall is due to a number of incidents being reported following the front fork fracturing whilst in use.

It is alleged that at least one cyclist has been killed following their forks fracturing. Whilst Cannondale has been unable to identify any defect in the fork on testing, in light of the reported incidents the company has decided to recall the affected product so that a free upgraded replacement fork can be fitted.

Because the bike was sold in a variety of configurations, consumers should inspect their bike for prominent markings to determine whether their bike is one which is subject to the voluntary recall.

The prominent features that Cannondale owners should look for are:

  1. A prominent CAADX marking on the top tube or other location;
  2. Disc brakes;
  3. A large “ULTRAX” marking on the inside of the fork leg; and
  4. The cable running to the front disc brake is outside of the fork, as opposed to inside the fork.

If in doubt, consumers are asked to return the bike to an authorised dealer to check whether their bike is subject to the voluntary recall. If so, consumers will receive a full carbon replacement fork free of charge.

Emma Hall, a solicitor in the consumer law and product safety team who specialises in defective sports equipment claims at law firm Leigh Day said:

“We are pleased that Cannondale has taken this action and issued a voluntary recall.

“Bike manufacturers should make sure that the bikes they produce are safe and fit for purpose for all cyclists, especially those bikes which are intended for off-road and rough riding as any cyclo-cross bike is intended for.”