A strong ethics and compliance programme improves organisational culture, protects corporate reputation and enhances employee engagement. When an ethics and compliance programme is lacking, an organisation could be exposed to significant risk. To ensure compliance programmes meet ongoing best practices, assessments and regular reviews are necessary, valuable and expected by numerous internal and external parties, including government agencies.

Your ethics and compliance programme is an ecosystem of moving parts. New laws and regulations, new lines of business, new geographies and mergers and acquisitions become part of a growing enterprise your compliance ecosystem must support. This requires those in charge of the system to regularly revisit and assess their risk and priorities to make necessary adjustments that ensure an effective compliance programme.

Along with assessing for external factors, a robust programme must account for an important internal variable—human behaviour. Even with strong policies and compliance procedures in place, employee behaviour presents the highest risk for your compliance programme. It is difficult to know if your efforts are truly changing behaviour, fostering ethical practices and reducing risk without assessing effectiveness at the individual employee level. A robust quality assessment will help you understand the impact your current ethics and compliance programme is having on employees as well as the overall corporate culture.

Simply put:

An ethics and compliance programme assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of how your programme:

»» Measures up against organisations with similar size, industry and footprint

»» Meets globally recognised industry accepted standards

»» Helps close gaps in risk mitigation and defines improvements in a prioritised manner via a multiyear work plan to achieve your organisation’s desired level of programme maturity

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