Recently, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) published the Global Innovation Index Report (2019) on its official website. According to this report, China got 54.82 points out of 100 for patents origin, industrial design, trademarks by origin, high-tech and creative goods export. As a result, China took the 14th place in the Global Innovation Index. Sacha Wunsch-Vincent, Senior Economic Officer in the Office of the Chief Economist of WIPO, praised China’s upward move of three positions in the Global Innovation Index. Moreover, China was included in the list of top 15 countries in the Global Innovation Index for the next year.

Mr. Wunsch-Vincent also noted that despite the decrease of global economic growth, innovation is becoming a driving force around the world and the growth of innovation surpasses economic development. If we compare it with some developed countries, China, still a developing country, has got a high percentage in innovative and scientific research spheres, effective measures for both economic and social development.

The Global Innovation Index is based on 80 indicators, comprising both traditional measurements (research and development investment, infrastructure, international patent, trademark applications, etc.) and the newest indicators like technology and creative outputs. This year’s report shows that China is the only country with middle-income economy, which is included in the top 30 list and according to the innovation input and innovation output criteria, China is on the 26th and 5th places respectively. As WIPO emphasized, China performed much better this year in comparison with last two years. 

In Mr. Wunsch-Vincent’s opinion, China achieved significant results in the field of innovation, but it still had weak points in infrastructure construction, human capital and research, and institutional construction. Hence, Mr. Wunsch-Vincent suggested the Chinese Government pay attention to these aspects in the future.

Chen Dongmin, Chair Professor of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute of Peking University and deputy director of the China Innovation Index Research Center, also expressed his vision on China’s Global Innovation Index position. In his opinion, innovation is closely connected with economic development. It is worth noting that China’s innovation capability is constantly growing, but China has to catch up with developed countries and reach the leading level in the world.

Moving forward to China’s four progressive years, Mr. Chen gave an analysis of China’s performance in the innovation realm. He said that China had performed quite well in innovation output (patent applications, scientific documents etc.), but at the same time the Chinese Government had strengthened IP protection measures, invested money into innovation and R&D to pay dividends.