The Basle Committee on Banking Supervision has completed a review of the October 2006 Core principles for effective banking supervision and the associated Core principles methodology.

The revised Core Principles were endorsed by banking supervisors at the 17th International Conference of Banking Supervisors held in Istanbul, Turkey, on 13-14 September 2012. This revised document combines the Core Principles and the assessment methodology into a single comprehensive document and has also been reorganised with a more logical structure as follows: (i) Principles 1 to 13 address supervisory powers, responsibilities and functions, focusing on effective risk-based supervision, and the need for early intervention and timely supervisory actions; (ii) Principles 14 to 29 cover supervisory expectations of banks, emphasising the importance of good corporate governance and risk management, as well as compliance with supervisory standards. In addition, important enhancements to the revised Principles include additional criteria to strengthen supervisory practices and risk management.