On August 7th, 2013, the Secretariat of Ports of the Presidency of the Republic published the Ordinance no. 111, establishing the rules, criteria and procedures for the port operators´ pre-qualification.

As per the referred ordinance, the Port Administration is responsible for analyzing and judging the pre-qualification requests, being the Secretariat of Ports of the Presidency of the Republic (SEP/PR) incumbent upon analyzing and judging the appeals filed by the port operators or parties interested in obtaining the port operator ´s pre-qualification, against the decision rendered by the Port Administration.

Those interested in obtaining the pre-qualification certificate must submit to the Port Administration all documents that allow the evaluation of the legal, tax, economic, financial and technical aspects of all applicants.

The Companies approved will obtain the pre-qualification certification which will be valid for 5 years, which must be updated annually.

The interested party may file an appeal at the SEP/PR should the certification be denied by the Port Administration.

The Port Administration will ensure, within 60 (sixty) days from publication of the Ordinance, the adequacy of the Port Operator Certificates, considering the documents already submitted upon the occasion of the previous certification.