Diageo owns a registration for the mark CROWN ROYAL for whiskey.  Diageo has sold its CROWN ROYAL whiskey in a purple drawstring bag for many years.   When Mexcor started selling a line of state-themed whiskies under marks such as Texas Crown Club and California Crown Club, each in a drawstring bag bearing each state’s flag, Diageo sued Mexcor for infringement of its CROWN ROYAL trademark and its trade dress in its drawstring bag packaging.

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The jury ruled in favor of Diageo, finding trademark and trade dress infringement.  The jury also awarded Diageo over $400,000 in damages.  The Court has not yet issued its detailed orders on injunctive relief.

Diageo North America, Inc. v. Mexcor, Inc. et al., Case no. 4:13-cv-00856 (United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas, December 2014).