Russian biotechnology, pharmaceutical and investment companies have
reportedly collaborated to establish a $113-million joint venture that will
develop new medical therapeutics.. Started by Russia’s largest biotechnology
firm, the Human Stem Cells Institute (HSCI), the SynBio project’s lead R&D
partners are the United Kingdom’s Lipoxen and Germany’s Symbio Tec GmbH,
which during the course of the project will merge into Lipoxen.

According to SynBio, the project will focus on developing drugs based on three
technological platforms: (i) cell therapies to treat liver cirrhosis, (ii) drugs based
on the recombinant human Histone H1 gene to treat cancer and other diseases,
and (iii) “sustained-release drugs containing polysialic acid—[b]iobetters for the
treatment of diabetes,” and Alzheimer’s, chronic kidney and other diseases.

HSCI General Director Artur Isaev stated, “for the first time a Russian company
is acting as the initiator of an international M&A project in the biotech sector
to serve both the Russian and global markets. The aim of this project is to bring
to market a number of innovative drugs that will represent real progress in the
treatment of socially significant diseases. Furthermore, our project is an excellent
example of how the government’s program for innovative development
of the Russian pharmaceutical sector can be implemented.” See SynBio Press
August 4, 2011; Pharma Times, August 9, 2011.