On 22 December, the Commission adopted a report on enforcement of intellectual property rights in COM(2010) 779, saying that it believes the rules are not working due to the “alarming” volume and value of infringements. It suggests a need for new enforcement tools, including “the use of provisional and precautionary measures such as injunctions, procedures to gather and preserve evidence (including the relationship between the right of information and protection of privacy), clarification of the meaning of various corrective measures, including the costs of destruction, and calculation of damages.” Nevertheless, the Commission acknowledges there is limited experience with Directive 2004/48/EC on the enforcement of intellectual property rights, because the implementation date of 2006 was missed by some Member States, with implementation only complete in 2009. The Commission complains that Member States have not adopted optional provisions of the directive that might give more protection to rights holders. Its conclusion is that IP infringements cause “widespread economic harm” and something needs to be done about it. However, the communication only asks for comment by 31 March from the Parliament, Council, Member States or whom else it may concern, without proposing concrete measures.