The Turkish government recently released regulations prohibiting businesses from sending unsolicited text and email messages to consumers. The new rules establish restrictions on how entities that operate in Turkey reach potential and existing customers and mandate financial penalties for violators.

Of particular note, businesses are required to obtain consent from consumers prior to sending electronic marketing materials or advertisements. Entities must also provide consumers with an easy way to opt-out of receiving communications and comply with the opt-out requests within three days. Notably, the regulation excludes several types of communications, including electronic membership notices, purchase and delivery confirmations, and some types of billing reminders. The requirements became effective upon their July 15, 2015, release, so companies operating in Turkey, as well as those that have local agents, are now expected to be in compliance.

TIP: Turkey is following in the EU’s footsteps by implementing opt-in and opt-out requirements for businesses that send commercial material through email and text. Companies with Turkish operations should be mindful of the new regulations and take immediate steps to begin complying with the new rules.