Proposals of Sectorial Agreements for reverse logistics systems of packaging and lamps are now open to public consultation

The Ministry of the Environment (Ministério do Meio Ambiente) published on September 8th, 2014 the Ordinances No. 326/2014 and No. 327/2014, which determined the beginning of a public consultation process for the proposals of Sectorial Agreements regarding the implementation of the reverse logistic systems of packaging and certain kinds of lamps, such as fluorescent, mercury, sodium-vapor and mixed. 

This public consultation is enforced by the article 26 of the Federal Decree No. 7,404/2010, which regulates the National Policy on Solid Waste (Federal Law No. 12,305/2010). Such proceeding aims to publicize the proposal contents for the participation of interested parts on a structured manner. 

Suggestions must be addressed by means of an electronic form to the Ministry of the Environment′s competent sector from September 15th, 2014 to October 15th, 2014.