Anonymisation and pseudonymisation are a powerful means to protect personal data and allow greater sharing and use of information. However, they are also a pitfall for the unwary.

In our webinar we considered:

  • the differences between anonymised and pseudonymised personal data;
  • how data protection law applies to the anonymisation process and pseudonymised data;
  • the impact of the new offence of re-identifying de-identified personal data; and
  • answers to a number of practical questions such as the use of anonymisation to comply with the right to erasure and the use of anonymised data for systems testing.

We were joined by Luk Arbuckle, Chief Methodologist at Privacy Analytics, who explained how the Five Safes can be used as a framework to allow risk-based anonymisation, balancing concerns over the usefulness of the shared data, cost and feasibility against privacy and confidentiality.

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