Readers will be aware that, in the continuing saga of the revocation of RS, the Government, having realised late in the day the error of its ways, commissioned a separate strategic environmental assessment (SEA) for each RS. Unlike the "voluntary" SEA exercises previously undertaken, each of these "real" SEAs is generating its report as and when ready - and with its own quite distinct conclusions. So far only 3 have been published.

So that led me to wonder, can the Secretary of State revoke any RS before ready to do so in relation to all of them? Could we have a situation where part of the country is covered by RS and part not? Or, in fact, would it be necessary to undertake an assessment of the revocation of fewer than all RS at the same time? Bear in mind that until the provisions were revoked by the Localism Act 2011, legislation required there to be "a RS for each region".

If all RS must stand or fall together, we may be waiting a while before RS is in the past.