Following the energy storage panel discussion at the November 19, 2015, Commission meeting, FERC staff issued data requests Monday to RTOs/ISOs on electricity storage resources’ participation in capacity, energy and ancillary service markets. (Docket AD16-20-000.)  Responses are due May 2; comments on the responses, and on rules that affect storage participation in RTO and ISO markets, are due on May 23.  Staff notes that, if potential barriers to participation exist, it “expects to examine … whether any tariff changes are warranted.”

Meanwhile, at the retail level, the California PUC will vote at its April 21 meeting on a proposal for capping net energy metering (NEM) credits at the modeled monthly production estimate for rooftop solar facilities combined with storage devices under 10 kW.  The proposed decision is aimed at limiting NEM credits to power produced by customer-sited generating facilities, rather than energy from the grid stored by the customer.