Effective January 18, 2009, the DHS extended United States Visitor and Immigrant Status Technology (US-VISIT) to most arriving aliens, including lawful permanent residents (LPRs). USVISIT verifies the identities and travel documents of aliens by comparing biometric identifiers with information drawn from intelligence and law enforcement watch lists and databases. Aliens subject to US-VISIT may be required to provide fingerprints, photographs, or other biometric identifiers upon arrival to, or departure from, the United States. The following groups of people remain exempt from US-VISIT requirements:  

  • Children under the age of 14 and persons over the age of 79;
  • Canadian citizens applying for admission as B1/B2 visitors for business or pleasure;
  • Aliens admitted on an A-2, A-2, C-3, G-1, G-2, G-3, G-4, NATO-1, NATO-3, NATO-4, NATO-5, or NATO-6 visa; and
  • Certain officials of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office and members of their immediate families seeking admission on E-1 visas.  

US-VISIT is now operational at 115 airports, 15 sea ports, and 154 land border ports of entry