When the Government announced it was going to review its alcohol strategy in England and Wales, it was no surprise that the  contentious issue of minimum unit pricing received top billing. Equally unsurprising was the  criticism that the Government received when it dropped these proposals.

There remain however a number of potential changes in regulation that will affect the alcohol and  gambling industry, both north and south of the border some of which we know, and others which we  anticipate, will come into effect later this year.

The winds of Regulatory Change for alcohol and gambling licensed premises So far as alcohol is concerned, within England and Wales the Government has highlighted three key themes:

  • Targeted national action
  • Supporting local action
  • Promoting growth and supporting responsible businesses through a deregulation package
  • In Scotland the themes are rather different and again, we have highlighted these on the next page.

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With the Government’s proposals raising the criticism that it failed to grasp the problem of alcohol and gambling addictions, there  is no doubt that alcohol consumption and the thorny issue of FOBT’s will continue to be the subject  of scrutiny this year. It will fall to the industry as  a whole to promote and enforce responsible  drinking and gambling. Licensed premises will need to keep up with regulatory changes in order to  ensure they comply with regulations, or indeed make the most of any opportunities presented.