On March 25, the West Virginia governor signed SB 651, which amends the definition of a mortgage loan originator “with respect to retailers of manufactured or modular homes and their employees” under the West Virginia Safe Mortgage Licensing Act. Among other things, SB 651 states that retailers of manufactured or modular homes (or the retailers’ employees) do not qualify as a mortgage loan originators provided they meet certain criteria, including that they (i) provide written disclosures to consumers of “any corporate affiliation with any mortgage lender” (including “at least one unaffiliated mortgage lender,” if they do have a corporate affiliation); (ii) do not directly negotiate loan terms with consumers or mortgage lenders; and (iii) do not represent that they can perform the activities of a mortgage loan originator. The amendments take effect June 2.

Also on March 25, the governor signed HB 4411, which adjusts the allowable final installment payment on a mortgage loan to be “a lesser amount or no more than $5 greater than any previous payment installment.” This adjustment does not apply to “any mortgage modification or refinancing loan made in participation with and in compliance with the federal Making Homes Affordable program, or any other mortgage modification or refinancing loan eligible under any government sponsored enterprise requirements or funded through any federal or state program or litigation settlement.” The adjustment takes effect May 27.