The NAIC Executive (EX) Committee and Plenary adopted amendments to the Credit for Reinsurance Model Law (#785). These amendments are part of a larger effort to modernize reinsurance regulation in the United States. The changes allow a commissioner to adopt additional requirements relating to: “(1) the valuation of assets or reserve credits; (2) the amount and forms of security supporting reinsurance arrangements…; and/or (3) the circumstances pursuant to which credit will be reduced or eliminated.”

This new regulatory authority was added in response to reinsurance arrangements entered into, directly or indirectly, with life/health insurer-affiliated captives, special purpose vehicles, or similar entities that may not have the same statutory accounting requirements or solvency requirements as U.S.-based multi-state life/health insurers. To assist in achieving national uniformity, the NAIC has asked commissioners to strongly consider adopting regulations that are substantially similar in all material aspects to NAIC-adopted model regulations in the handing and treatment of such reinsurance arrangements.