These recent decisions highlight the importance of cohesive employment policies combined with ongoing management training. Employers can quickly eliminate significant liability by:

  • Ensuring all required state and federal regulations are properly posted at their place of business and that these postings are updated regularly to reflect changes in the law.
  • Properly training their management teams and providing anti-discrimination, harassment and retaliation training. Dorsey offers a comprehensive training program which includes a variety of management training options, including California’s mandatory sexual harassment prevention training.
  • Consulting with Dorsey California employment counsel to review existing policies and procedures, including employment and arbitration agreements to ensure such policies and agreements are regularly updated and comply with California law.
  • Consulting with Dorsey California employment counsel to conduct wage-hour audits. Employers can prevent significant exposure by internally identifying potential exposure and vulnerabilities.

For further information regarding management training programs for California employers, please contact Mandana Massoumi, Labor and Employment Department, (949)932-3652; [email protected]